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The Most Common Lawn Mower Problems

You depend on your lawn mower to keep your lawn healthy and properly maintained. Lawn mowers have many moving parts, and like any piece of equipment may break down from time to time.  Troubleshooting common lawn mower problems can save you time and money in expensive lawn mower repair. Of course, the first step is to familiarize yourself with your owner's manual, to ensure proper procedures are followed for safety and to avoid damage to your lawn mower. The most basic and common lawn mower problems involve a lawn mower that won't start or runs rough. There may be many reasons why this happens, but here are some easy things to check:

Check to see that the fuel line is switched on. This is an easy one to forget at the beginning of the season, because several months may have passed since you last used it. In addition, you want to ensure you have enough gas for the engine to fire. That's another easy one to forget the first time you bring your mower back out.

If your lawn mower has enough gas (at least half a tank) and the fuel line is switched on, the next thing you can check is to see that your fuel line is clear and enough gas is getting to the carburetor.

  While you're checking your gas, you may want to think back and try to recall if you had added a fuel stabilizer to it at the end of last season. If not, replace the gas.

A dirty or faulty spark plug is a common culprit of lawn mower problems.  Your lawn mower's spark plug should be dry and dirt free.

Dirty air filters can also hamper the lawn mower's function. Before you replace your filter, you can shake it out to get rid of dust and dirt. However if the air filter looks oily and has a lot of caked on dirt you need to replace it.

If you are finding your lawn mower is leaving a ragged edge on your grass, it probably means that the blade needs to be sharpened. A dull lawn mower blade will not only leave your lawn looking uneven, but it can also damage your grass.

Clean your lawn mower's blade often. It's a good idea to clean grass and dirt off your blade after each mow. That goes for the rest of your lawn mower, too.

Check your engine oil. The same way your car's oil needs to be clean and properly topped up, so does your lawn mower's oil. The oil provides a vital function in lubricating your lawn mower's engine parts, so replace it frequently to avoid damaging the engine. Those are the most common lawn mower problems that people face. Checking each one of these items when your lawn mower is malfunctioning can save you costly repair bills. In addition, you want to make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommended guidelines carefully. Each lawn mower will have different specifications, so have a read over the owner's manual before attempting any repairs on your own.

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