Odes UTVs

In August of 2011, SC-Worldwide formed ODES UTVS to design, import and distribute quality UTVs. The company is American run, and ODES has the capacity to create and provide new Asian UTVs for market, not just in the U.S.A, but in other places around world. Because of their branding, distribution and parts service, ODES Asian and ODES UTVs plan on becoming the top service leaders for UTV innovation and service in the U.S.


Other brands have you purchase accessories separately, but ODES products are priced much lower than the competitors, with standard equipment and accessories already provided.


The warranty is excellent compared to other brands. Some of the ODES Standard Limited Warranty details include:


  • ODEs Standard Limited Warranty
    800cc/1000cc Engine Parts (24 months)

  • Transmission: Transmission, Differentials  (12 months)
    Electrical: Harness, CDI Instruments, Cluster Fuel Injectors (12 months)

  • Suspension: Shocks (12 months)

  • Brake: Calipers (12 months)

  • Exhaust: Header pipe, Muffler (12 months)

  • Frame: Frame (12 months)

  • Clutch: CVT Clutch (12 months)

  • Common Parts Winch, Sound System, LEDs (6 months)

  • Wear and Tear Parts (Not Covered)

ODES has over a decade of experience in producing and selling products worldwide. The ODES brand is based in Riverside, CA and we are pleased to offer these UTVs through LawnEQ.com.

Some of our personal favorite models

- the Raider 800 and 1000,
- the Dominator 800 and 1000
- and the Mini Blazer 150.

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Our extensive catalog includes: 


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